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A Multiplatform front-end tool that is efficiently integrated in the business process of any organization, eliminating tedious sales bottlenecks, and allowing the company to capitalize on the network of its employees.

Why should you use MOST?

Optimise the top of the sales funnel
Collect & grow corporate client contacts
Control employees’ meeting performance
Set field tasks and track completion

Mobile features

performance control exchange & store
Set field tasks and track completion

Create personalised or group tasks for employees. Specify industries, regions & positions for contacts to collect.

Leave private or public comments

Aggregated view of collected contacts that now remain as corporate property with limited modifications from

Get a more insightful contact information

Create personalised or group tasks for employees. Specify industries, regions & positions for contacts to collect.

Establish a client relationship scorecard

Use/create in-built forms for contact profiiling. See how prospective you are to making prospective lead a client.

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Exchange seamlessly and avoid losses

It takes just 10 seconds to perform the exchange. Use one of 5 methods & stop losing client’s identity without a reason.

Scan physical cards and send your digital

Your prospective client doesn’t have an app? Not an issue! Just share your constantly updating digital contacts.

Create groups, sort & filter

Personalize the workspace according to your personal or corporate needs making it fast and easy to build a strong network.

Get live updates on contacts information

Whenever things change in contacts personal information get the latest data instantly.

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Web functionality

performance analytics enrichment & accesability
Visualisation of work processes over time

Graphical representation of statistics to enhance high levels of data usabiliity by managers and department heads

Comparative analysis of sales managers

Previously untraced metrics of sales reps. Learn about the performance at the very top of sales funnel.

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3rd party sources information gathering

Automatic enrichment of any new contact with publicly available information about that contact.

How far from securing the plan is the team

Stay on track with weekly, monthly & event goals, by understanding the performace.

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MOST is built for

large enterprises small & medium businesses event organizers
Large enterprises
  • Always up-to-date information upon the existing or prospective clients
  • Reduced risks of clients losses, associated with employees movement
  • High security level
  • Ability to monitor employees performance
  • Easily scalable
Small & medium size enterprises
  • A cost saving option. Per user business model assures no overpayment for undesired or unused services
  • Expand and integrate as you grow
  • Seamless availability
  • Get ready-to-use customer information in an automated manner
Event organizers
  • Provide your attendees with a powerful networking tool to use
  • Increase retention of attendees from year to year
  • Get more insights into who is attending your event/conferences
  • Use unveiled data in your marketing activities to bring more prospective partners in

What makes us different

client-centric user interface
business development performance analysis
direct & lossless information flow
contact enrichment & automated updates
12 numbers of full-time employees
4 month since public release
6 active pilot partnerships

Early adopters say

Fast & efficient lead execution is so important in a highly competitive industry like ours. MOST automated export has allowed us to be one-step ahead of our competitiors at virtually no extra cost . Previously we have had an extra member of team working solemnly on data digitalisation from the questionnaires. Now it’s digital & easily editable at any point in time.

Petr Lavrov CEO azimutprint

MOST is a great automation in the field of on-the-go networking which i have happily integrated on a testing basis into our corporate processes. Waiting for new module releases, and already receiving benefits from this seemingly simple, but incredibly valuable SaaS. Task setting & progress management already shows positive dynamic in employees’ performance.

Natalya Malysheva CEO Staffjet

Guys from MOST have reached out proposing us to test their product in real-life as one of teh first clients. At first it seemed like a big risk for a large structure like ours, but it turned out to be a great experiment where they haven’t disappointed. Integration went smoothly and quickly. Can recommend their solution, and expecting a lot from them in the future.

Dmitry Savchenko Tensor (Commercial Director) & Sinto (CEO)

Maxim has given our team a presentation on the MOST multiplatform system earlier on this month. It is clearly fascinating to see if their team will be able to execute the vision that they have upon the application of cards and the self-updating database. I wish them all the luck, soft launch and rapid growth. Looking forward to potentially partnering in the near future.

Arseniy Khmelidze Business and integration architecture specialist

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